Senin, 26 Maret 2012

Sunny the Little Boy

One day there lived a 5-year-old child named Sunny, he had one sister and one brother. They are both very bad for Sunny. sister Sunny Sunny was always nagging and scolding, and her brother always hit Sunny.

One day their father brings a basket of apples, and their father sent her children to take each one a big apple and sweet. But Sunny does not take a large, which he took a small apple. His father asked "why do you take a small apple Sunny ?" Sunny said, "I'm smaller than my brothers, so I got a little better, after all, my brothers were always concerned about me, my sister always lecture me because she love and care for me while my brother always beat me because yes cares if I do something wrong " Brothers and sisters Sunny heard of it, and they cried and apologized to sunny.

Anak kecil yg begitu polos selalu mengambil sisi positif dari apa yg dia alami,iya selalu menganggap beban yg iya dapat selama di rumah adalah bentuk kepedulian kepada dirinya.

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